Passage Narration

 Passage Narration

  1. Go through the whole text with a comprehensive understanding of it and try to find out the speakers ( ie. who is talking to whom).
  2. While changing speech of questions and their answers quote the missing words of the context.
To reply a question replied that
Yes replied in the affirmative that
No replied in the negative that
  1. If sentences of the same kinds are consecutively spoken by the same speaker,
For Assertive sentences, use……..For Interrogative sentences, use…..

added that/ also said that/ again said that/ again added that /further said that / moreover said that etc.


Asked  if/ WH

also asked if/ WH

again asked if/ WH

further asked if/ WH

  1. Don’t change the long and elaborate descriptions or words that exist outside the quotation marks/ reported speech.
  2. Put the reporting verb in front wherever it is.
  3. If there is but at the beginning of the sentence, leave out it.
  4. If the reporting verb is cried/mutter/replied/asked etc. they remain unchanged.
  5. If it is not mentioned that who is speaking to whom,

Use.. The speaker and the listener/ The person spoken to.

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