Assertive to Interrogative

Assertive to Interrogative

 Model Transformation1.    He can swim
2.   He cannot swim
3.   Can he swim?
4.   Can’t he swim?


Malek is a good boy 
Mushfiq is not a tall boy 
Akhi was not attentive 
Your father does not smoke 
He went to Nilkhet 


1.     Never = ever

Nothing = anything

He never smokes

There is nothing to say

2.      Everyone, Everybody =

Who don’t, doesn’t didn’t …?

Everyone wants to be happy

Everyone believes a truthful boy


3.      Nobody, None, No one =

Who + positive?

Nobody believes a liar 
4.      Every +noun =

Is there any…..who don’t,doesn’t,didn’t………..?

Every man hates a liar

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