A List of Modifiers

A List of modifiers
Adjectives: Accurate, admirable, advantageous, artificial, adorable, red, orange, beautiful, clean, elegant  fancy, glamorous, handsome, long, old-fashioned,  alive better careful clever dead easy famous helpful important inexpensive odd  big colossal fat gigantic great huge immense large little mammoth massive miniature short small tall powerful rich, casual, ambitious, punctual, reserved, unmindful, talkative, shy, sociable, cautious, enthusiastic, generous, tolerant, easy-going, well-dressed, hardworking, confident etc.
 Adverb = কখন, কোথায়, কিভাবে

কখন = Today, yesterday, tonight, last night, last week, on Friday, etc.

কোথায় = In Dhaka, at farmgate, in the forest, in the river , in the street, etc.

কিভাবে = well, hard, fast, rapidly, slow, beautifully, again and again, overnight, etc.

Accurately, attentively, away, besides, boldly, bitterly, carefully, briefly, calmly, casually, certainly, continually, constantly, cordially, willingly, densely, duly, eastwards, eagerly, entirely, eventually, exactly, extremely, extempore, especially, everywhere, fervently, frankly, formerly, fairly, fatally, finally, gaily, forthwith, gladly, happily, gently, gradually, hastily, heartily, heavily, indiscriminately, lazily, recently, mentally, physically, meantime, mainly, markedly, meanwhile, meekly, merrily, midway, minutely, morally, mostly, narrowly, nearby, naturally, nearly, neatly, necessarily, nowhere, normally, nowadays, occasionally, openly, once upon a time, once, partially, partly, perhaps, politely, possibly, personally, presently, publicly, quietly, quickly, rapidly, readily, reasonably, reluctantly, rightly, roughly, rather, rigidly, safely, rudely, scarcely, seldom, selfishly, seemingly, seriously, skillfully, smartly, smoothly, sometimes, somewhere, speedily, stealthily, spontaneously, surely, thoroughly, unfortunately, unnecessarily, upside-down, usually, upstairs, utterly, very, virtually etc.


Quantifiers: a few, enough, many, a little, most, some, any, and much.
Intensifiers: Very, strongly, extremely, really, fairly, quite, pretty, absolutely, rather, so, too, absolutely, a little
Demonstratives: This , that , these, those
Relative Pronoun: Who, Which, That
Prepositional Phrases: with a pen, for the boys, in the garden, from this experience, about the importance of education , across the hill, beyond my capacity, with everyone, among the students, at the park, before my brother, against the wall, on account of, etc.
Infinitive Phrase: To do = করতে  to earn money, to ride a bike, to buy a book, to be educated, to become a good man , to tell a lie etc.
Participle:V+ing যখন  Adjective এর মত কাজ করে। Doing = করিয়া/ করে Earning money, learning English, Going to market, standing at the door, reading a newspaper etc.

Past Participles = V3 যখন  Adjective এর মত কাজ করে।

·         A broken table, a written document, my lost money, the stolen bag, a developed country, a torn shirt, a tried man, some boiled leaves etc.


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